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The Daily Maintenance Of The Taillight
- Oct 14, 2017 -

Many owners are in the vehicle inspection test light, only to find the car lights, and then adjusted in the repair shop, the correct beam position will make car driving at night vision more clearly, driving safety. In fact, when the car lights problems, not necessarily to repair shop to adjust, the following teach you how to adjust the LED taillights.

First, choose a dark environment, such as an underground parking lot or night, one sitting in the driver's seat to observe the effect, open the LED taillights, with opaque cloth cover a headlight, individually adjust a headlight.

Secondly, the lights on the wall light center with mark pen or chalk mark, at the same time in the car (car center) at the corresponding position of the wall is also a marker. Measure the distance between the sign of each side and the center of the car respectively, and the two distances should be equal. If it happens outward or inward biased, you should look at the manual of the vehicle, adjust with a screwdriver, so that the position of the two LED taillights is symmetrical.

Finally, adjust the height of the beam, the right led taillights should be completely horizontal direct, left lights up to about 10cm high, but do not tune too high, so as not to direct the light to the eyes of the driver of the car. The right led taillights range from right to right to improve visibility on the right side of the vehicle. The whole process takes about 15~20 minutes.