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The Classification Of LED Lights And Its Use
- Oct 14, 2017 -

The common external LED lights include: LED headlamps, LED fog lamps, LED license lights, LED reversing lights, LED brake lights, LED steering lights, LED wide lights, LED display lights, LED parking lights and LED warning lights and LED daytime driving lights. External lighting color generally use white, yellow and red; to perform special tasks such as vehicles, fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, rescue vehicles, is used with red, yellow or blue flashing warning lights through the right of priority. Motor vehicles should participate in safety inspection and comprehensive inspection in time to ensure the complete and effective external lamps.

(1) LED headlamps, commonly known as LED headlamps, mounted on both sides of the car head, used to illuminate the front of the car road. There are two lights and four lights. When the four lamps are installed side by side, a pair of near and high beam light beams are installed on the outer side, and a light beam on the inner side corresponds to the high beam single beam. LED light is 40-60W, the LED is generally 35-55W.

(2) the LED fog lamp is installed on the head or tail of the car. In fog, snow, heavy rain or dust, etc., to improve the front road lighting. LED front fog light is orange yellow. LED rear fog light color is red, to warn the trailing vehicle to keep the safe distance.

(3) LED license plate lamp is installed on the top or left and right sides of the car license plate, which is used to illuminate the license plate to ensure that the people can see the words and numbers on the license plate 20m after the car.

(4) the LED reversing lamp is installed at the rear of the car. When the transmission is in reverse gear, it automatically shines, the rear side of the lighting car, and warns the vehicle and pedestrians to pay attention to the safety. The color of LED reversing light is white.

(5) LED brake lamp, commonly known as LED brake light.  Installed at the rear of the car. When the brake pedal is pressed, a strong red light is issued to indicate the brake. LED the brake light color is red, the lampshade display area is later than the indicating lamp. In order to avoid the collision of large cars, the rear rear window of the car can be equipped with a LED high stop light which is displayed by the light emitting diode.

(6) the main steering lights of LED steering lights are generally installed on the left and right sides of the car head and tail, which is used to indicate the driving trend of the vehicle. Side turning light is arranged in the middle of the car side. LED turning light is stray color. When turning, the light is flashing, the frequency is 1.sic.5HZ, the starting time is not greater than 1.5s. All the LED lights can be switched on and flashing through the danger warning light switch in case of emergency distress.

(7) LED indication lamps also called LED lamps, position lamps, installed in the car in front, back and side, driving at night with the headlights, LED lamps, LED lights and LED lights and instrument license shiny, to mark the vehicle shape and position etc.. The front lamp is commonly called small lamp, the color is white or yellow, the rear position lamp is commonly called LED tail lamp, the color is red, and the side light is amber color

(8) LED marker lights commonly known as beacon angle car high above 3M, no-load vehicles are required to install the profile indicating light, marking the profile of the vehicle.

(9) LED parking lights are mounted on both sides of the car and the rear of the car. It is required to confirm the light signal from the distance between the front of the car and the rear of the car 150m. The light color at the front of the vehicle is white, and the tail light of the LED is red. When the vehicle is parked at night, the parking lights are switched on to indicate the shape of the vehicle.

(10) the LED warning lamp is usually mounted on the top of the car, which is used to indicate the special type of the vehicle. Fire engines, police cars are red, ambulances are blue, spinning speed is 2 6 times per second; buses and taxis are white and yellow. Empty taxi indicating lamp installed in the dashboard, light color is red, white bottom.