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Lamp Maintenance Is Essential
- Oct 14, 2017 -

Now the lights are decorative, individual and diverse, the owner can follow their own personality, the car lights to transform. At present there are many decorative lights on the market, different shapes, colors and diverse, beautifully made, whenever the night falls, open the decorative lights, their mysterious colors to the driver added a very strong personality.

The lights are as important as the eyes of a person, a car no matter how beautiful the car, if there is no good lights, like a pair of unspeakable souls of the eyes as sluggish. The importance of eye maintenance Everyone knows that the maintenance of the lights is also true.

First: do not use low-quality light bulbs.

Headlamp "soul" is its light bulb, its performance will affect the effect of night lighting, directly related to traffic safety. So should use high-quality headlamp bulbs in order to fully ensure safety. What is the danger of using a bad light bulb? First of all, nature is poor quality of light bulbs, can not guarantee the quality of stability. Second, high-quality light bulbs with good light distribution, high brightness, and poor quality light bulb lack of focus is not concentrated, range near, in the overtaking, the driver will produce visual illusion, prone to accidents. In addition, poor quality lamps due to lax, rain or car wash when easy to water, will make the lamp fog, serious short circuit will cause a fire. Therefore, in the self-modified headlamps or damage to the reasons need to be replaced, do not consider low-quality light bulbs.

Second: daily maintenance to do a good job.

According to the different principles of light, headlamps can be divided into vacuum lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lights, LED lights, and several other types. Vacuum lamps and halogen lamps are cheap, widely used, but short life, usually hundreds of hours. Xenon lamp life can reach 2500 to 3000 hours, and the lighting effect is better, but the price is higher. LED lights longer life, up to 50,000 hours, but the technical requirements are relatively high, there are many places to improve, the price is also the most expensive Of course, no matter what type of light bulb, the basic maintenance common sense is almost the same.

With the need to replace the regular maintenance machine oil filter, headlamp bulbs also need to be replaced regularly. Generally speaking, each driving 50,000 km or 2 years or so, the brightness of the headlamp bulb will be weakened, it is best to look at the 4S shop to detect, if there is a lack of brightness, it is recommended to replace the lamp, recommended both sides at the same time Replace, so as not to appear on both sides of the brightness of the same situation. I was because the bulb brightness is not changed after the timely replacement, resulting in the annual inspection wasted time.

There is also a light of the brightness of the situation, due to the impact of the environment led to aging lamp, the same will reduce the brightness of the headlamps to more than 50%. Shade dirty and aging will make the lights blurred, people have vertigo, so the lamp cover should be replaced in time.

Third: switch your own lights.

When the vehicle is seized, it will check whether the light beam position is correct. The correct position of the beam will make the vision more clear, driving more secure, in fact, there is a problem in the lights, do not have to go to 4S shop to adjust their own hands are very easy, and full of fun.

The first step, choose the dark environment, such as underground parking or night, the front is a wall of the park, the front and the wall as far as possible, about 5,6 meters away;

The second step, open the lights, with a thick cloth to cover a light, separate adjustment of each headlamp. In order to ensure that the position of the light beam in the normal driving position, it is best not to let the vehicle no load, you can find a friend sitting in the driver's seat;

The third step, the lights in the center of the light range of the wall with a marker or chalk to make a mark, while the vehicle standard (front center) position corresponding to the wall also made a mark.

Measure the distance between the lights on both sides and the center position, and the two distances should be equal. If the occurrence of outward or inward deviation of the phenomenon, you should look at the vehicle instruction manual, with a screwdriver for fine adjustment, making the position of the two lights symmetrical;

The fourth step, adjust the height of the beam, the right side of the lights should be completely horizontal and direct, the left lights are raised up about 10cm or so, but do not tune too high, so as not to light directly to the driver's eyes. While the right side of the light range of the light can be partial to the right to improve the visibility of the right side of the vehicle.

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