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Car Led Taillight Water How To Do
- Oct 14, 2017 -

The structure on the headlight, whether it is a general halogen lamp or xenon headlamps, or with a LED tail lamp set the headlights, will be a ventilation tube equipped with ventilation pipe is the role of the Department of energy as much as possible to discharge headlamps outside the normal working temperature to keep the headlights, headlight use to ensure stable. If the car wading, the external water will pass through the ventilation tube into the headlight outside, and friction to the lampshade, so the brightness of the reaction lamp, and even the car lights circuit failure. Here we introduce some led taillights water treatment methods:

1, slight water intake

Mild light water condition, the driver friends can need not worry too, the lights in the closed after a period of time, along with the heating through the ventilation tube lamp, which will not damage the lamp and electric circuit.

2, severe influent

The car headlights outside the strict water, enough to drain the fish. So we remove it, and open the shade, soaked, examined the surface of the headlight, did not find the protection. If your car is heavy water, will be required to review lampumbrella apart, the headlamp surface is not broken or leakage of central, such as find the same, I suggest changing ice seals and ventilation tube lamp.