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LED taillights on the truck
- Oct 14, 2017 -

The truck taillights to the back vehicle braking and steering to convey the intention, had to remind the warning on the back of the car, plays a very important role in the traffic safety of vehicles is essential. You can imagine what happens when the front car suddenly turns or brakes without a light. So traffic police on the lights damage or not bright will be checked by traffic police, and even some too sensitive, because everyone knows.

The vehicle bump is very easy to cause the failure of the vehicle tail, so in recent years, many car owners from the traditional truck taillights lighting for a better stability of the LED taillights, and even some special car factory in the factory when the assembly is LED taillights. Attention to the high speed road, LED lamp appearance rate is also getting higher and higher.

What is LED?

The full name is Light LED English Emitting Diode, Chinese for light emitting diode, is a solid state semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light, and different lighting principle of incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp we are familiar with the. LED has the advantages of small size, vibration resistance, energy saving, long life and so on.

The concept of LED is very hot now. It's not a new word for modern people. In our daily life, there are a lot of LED used as an indicator light. With the development of technology, LED has a variety of forms, as shown in the figure, including inline, patch type of various forms.

The application of LED in truck

We note the truck taillights and side lights, you will find that there are many vehicles have changed to LED products.

1, shockproof, long service life. Normally, the reliability and life of LED are much higher than that of ordinary light bulbs. It has a good immunity to truck bumps, unlike ordinary light bulbs, which are prone to black or broken under frequent switching. The truck is likely to decrease when the light when the missing was fined, this may be the primary cause of LED card.

2, energy saving. LED work requires less current, Xiao Bian from the network to find the introduction of information, said the white LED energy consumption is only incandescent 1/10, energy-saving lamp 1/4. That's one of the reasons why LED is so hot now.

3, strong light penetration. This is very obvious in the dark at night, and the visual effect is even better than the ordinary light bulb.

Problems in the use of LED

However, a lot of friends in the use process also reflects several LED problems:

1. Not bright enough during the day;

2. The light flashes fast;

3, the circuit will fail alarm;

4, the circuit will turn off the lights;

5, LED if the bad, can only replace the whole assembly, unlike traditional headlights for a light bulb is better.

Why are these problems happening? We consulted LED manufacturers and car manufacturers, and they introduced us to the LED market.

LED price, quality difference is big

Feedback from the user's purchase price we can see, the price difference of LED products, LED manufacturers who said, now LED products used as truck taillights larger differences, with a tail lamp as an example, the market price of the lowest cost less than 10 yuan, while the cost of the LED lamp reached one hundred yuan.