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LED lamp market foreground forecast
- Oct 14, 2017 -

LED (light emitting diode) is a rapid rise in recent years a low field type electroluminescent semiconductor light emitting device is capable of converting electrical energy into visible light of the semiconductor, it breaks through the principle of incandescent tungsten filament and energy-saving lamps three color luminous powder, and the electroluminescence. The spectra of LED are almost all concentrated in the visible band, and the luminous efficiency is up to 80%-90%. Because of its long life, high light efficiency, low energy consumption, no radiation, no pollution, fast response and other characteristics, LED has been widely used in the field of LED lighting.

Today, LED has been widely used for automobile brake lights, tail lights, lamps, the position light, reversing light, daytime running lights, fog lights, car front headlights, reading lamp, can also be used for the instrument and interior decoration lighting atmosphere. In the automotive lighting, it is estimated that by 2016, LED will occupy most of the automotive lighting (including reversing lights and license plate lights). The application of the LED design of the LED lamp has been more and more in the car, in addition, local lighting LED can also provide independence for the object in the car, such as lamp, reading lamp, grab handle, lock, switch, cup holder, safety belt buckle, mirror frame, seat atmosphere lamp, widely.

With the traditional vehicle signal lamp (such as halogen lamps) and compared, LED has the advantages of energy saving, long service life, maintenance free, explosion-proof, easy control and environmental advantages, with its unique luminescence characteristics of LED, makes the lamps shape not because of long-term heat deformation, so as to improve the whole life of the lamp. LED has the advantage of small size, and it can reduce the volume of the whole set of lamps when it is used in front of the headlights, and further let the space of valuable engine space and other related equipment. Most of the existing halogen bulbs are designed by the discharge bulb, and the total length of the lamp is about 300mm. In the design of many concept cars, the LED lamps are only 125mm long. The advantages of small size make the car design more flexible, and then create different visual perception for the car body modeling, breaking the circular design of traditional car lights. In addition, because the speed of light is faster than that of the bulb, it can quickly convey the brake information to the vehicle behind, which helps to improve the safety of driving. Therefore, LED has brought revolutionary development opportunity for automobile lighting system, and will replace tungsten lamp and halogen lamp completely.

The widely used LED the main color is white, blue, red and green, with the improvement of technology, has been gradually increasing the brightness, color is more and more rich, so the application of LED in automobile lamp has a very good prospect.

LED as a new type of light source to replace the traditional halogen light source is technically mature. From the product market at LED, the high cost of high brightness LED brightness, automotive light requirements more demand for LED, it will undoubtedly improve the vehicle light cost, however, with the development of LED product itself, with the increase of high brightness LED industrial capacity, the price of LED products has been greatly lowered its good performance, the LED source will become the mainstream products in the automotive light.