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LED car lights industry status
- Oct 14, 2017 -

For car manufacturers, the use of LED lighting is only a selling point, because LED energy saving, environmental protection, long life. If the car is equipped with LED lighting, equivalent to affixed to high-end labels. The cost of LED lights is two to three times as much as that of traditional headlights. If the other costs of the car are similar, the cost of the lights will increase, and consumers will not be pleased. So, LED headlights are still used in some of the high-end models.

According to the LED Research Institute (GLII) statistics show that LED in the car dashboard backlight, lighting switch, auto reading lamp or display system of automobile internal application is more mature, the backlight dashboard has 100% LED. Outside the car, such as car taillights, brake lights and other small light field has also adopted the LED. But on behalf of high-end technology headlamps, LED has just started.

Headlights are the biggest potential market for future LED automotive lighting. The price of a LED headlamp varies from 5000 yuan to 15 thousand yuan, with a maximum profit of 200%.  So it's easy to do 1 billion in front of the LED headlights market.  The headlamp will have a long time to be used in large scale applications because of the high power dissipation technology problems. LED headlamp as the most high-end application of LED in the automotive field, its subdivision industry is still in its infancy in the world. At present, only Audi A8L, Buick lacrosse and several brand top models only equipped with LED headlamp.  GLII recently released vehicle LED report shows that the current LED headlamps permeability less than 1%.

Different from the LED lighting market, the LED car market has a perfect standard, but also has access limit, compared with other market segments, LED car market is more standardized.  According to the insiders, the domestic lamp matching market belongs to the non complete competition market, and the matching of the car lamp products is mainly supported by the system with benefit sharing relationship. For example, Guangzhou Honda automobile headlights from Guangzhou sitanlei Electric Co. Ltd. of Beijing modern production facilities, car headlights from Beijing modern three Lighting Co. Ltd. production facilities, Dongfeng Yueda KIA car headlights from Jiangsu Mobis lights factory Beijing Great Automotive Components Company Limited supporting the production, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM by Shanghai Koito automotive lamp company limited supporting. It is quite difficult for domestic car manufacturers to enter the matching supply chain of these auto manufacturers.

Most of the domestic auto manufacturers are state-owned enterprises background, not bad money. They want to do every link, so they will use the form of joint venture or interest sharing to provide their own cars and other parts of the car lights. LED lighting enterprises in the short term is difficult to cut into the LED headlights market. At present, the domestic Chery, Geely and other private car enterprises, to take a number of car enterprises bidding mode, which provides a certain space for the survival and development of domestic car manufacturers.

However, LED lighting enterprises are still facing many obstacles in driving the car market. LED lighting and car lights belong to two different industries, the production system and standard system are not the same, LED lighting enterprises will certainly be lacking. Secondly, the LED lamp for shock proof and heat dissipation and other technical indicators are very high, LED lighting products produced in a short time, the inherent stability and safety is also difficult to meet the requirements of the car factory standards. Domestic LED lighting enterprises want to cut into the light supply chain, but also need a certain amount of time.