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led car lights classification
- Oct 14, 2017 -

1, the headlight: if often burn the midnight oil to a friend should consider replacing the higher brightness of the headlight, so in the dark night, you can have all the details of sufficient brightness can help you see the road.

2, turn lights: if the premise permits, you can change a pair of LED headlamps, not only to ensure bright, long life, in the high beam can also let you see farther.

3, small car taillight taillight: do not, if the car taillight fault, can easily lead to accidents. In addition to the transparent lamp installation usually increase the ornamental, LED luminous body to replace the traditional light bulb is a good choice, led not only increased the brightness, response time is shorter than traditional bulbs.

4, fog lamp: fog lamp, that is often said spotlights. The main purpose is to ensure the driver's sight in the harsh weather, and to ensure that others can see you.

5, after reversing lights: This is installed in the middle of the rear bumper or under the independent lights, you hang it down, it will automatically light up, its powerful brightness makes you reverse the night, no longer fear.