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LED car dedicated daytime running lights to buy
- Oct 14, 2017 -

Daytime light is a light that is easier to identify when the vehicle is moving during the day. It is mounted in front of the car body. That is to say, this lamp is not a light, not to make the driver see the road, but to let people know that a car has come, it belongs to the category of signal lights. In order to improve the safety of driving, the European Union has stipulated that all new cars in the EU must be equipped with daytime lights since 2011. 

Daytime driving lights is different from the ordinary lamp, is designed specifically for driving lighting during the day. Opening daytime driving lights can reduce vehicle accidents by 12.4%, and reduce the chance of death by 26.4%. Daytime driving lights using LED technology, energy-saving effect has been further improved, the energy consumption is only 10% of the ordinary.