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Is the car fog lamp useful?
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The fog is divided into a front fog lamp and rear fog lamps, GB are mandatory requirements, so many cars in order to save costs, not simple, the installation of the fog.

In low visibility weather, the rear fog lamp warns others by the strong red light emitted. You can observe and observe, in the rear of the car to watch the light brake lights and rear fog lights, you will find the rear fog lights will be bright, and even dazzling.

The front fog lamp, front fog lamp first absolutely lighting function, front fog lamp installation location is low, the brightness requirements is very high, the emitted light can compensate for low beam and high beam in front of not lighting the dark area. At the same time, the front fog lamp fog lamp light regulations need to do wide, that is to your vehicle lighting the front left and right, the purpose is to let you see the ground marker, let you move along these markers. At the same time, more and more front fog lamps bear the steering auxiliary function, that is, when turning, the front fog lamp opens, illuminating the blind area of vision, and this is also the lighting effect.

Next, talk about the warning effect of the front fog lamp. In the fog, due to regulatory requirements, the light has hit the ground, without warning the car opposite to the role; and the high beam light? In fact, the headlights can definitely play a role in the fog warning to others, but because of the high beam light irradiation angle in the vertical direction, a lot of light in the sky, the installation position is high, the fog on the headlights, the strong lights in the fog, in the direction of travel of the vehicle instead of forming a layer of screen, affect the driver so the vision, generally do not open the high beam light fog; fog due to the cut-off line not clear so that it can have a lot of light into oncoming cars and pedestrians, to play the role of warning, and does not have too much light in the sky, and its installation position is low, so it will not produce similar light the influence of visual problems.

In a word, fog in the fog can improve greatly your driving safety, front fog lamp can not only warn others, can also play a role in lighting Oh, so, some manufacturers in order to save money, and not simply bullying fog lamp assembly, with wood? But if your car has LED front fog lamp and front fog lamps or high-end, it is a crime, not only makes you so expensive, but because the LED light for fog penetration is far lower than the ordinary halogen light source, to protect your safety but not ordinary halogen light source, front fog lights, so to see some the car taillight includes light LED light source is near the high-end atmosphere on the grade, the fog is just a broken bulb, don't abandon it, but the manufacturer of a heart