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Analysis of the Performance of Auto LED Headlight Headlight
- Oct 14, 2017 -

The LED car headlights popular currently on the market, with the suddenness of a thunderbolt on the market, many old customers gradually from the xenon lamp converted to LED front headlights conversion on LED headlight understanding may not be caused by misunderstanding, LED headlamps. In fact, the life of LED headlamps is far higher than xenon headlamps, refitting process is also easier than xenon headlamps, on the performance of LED headlamps, we carry out a simple knowledge popularization.

Currently on the market there are many different models for LED lamp bracket, and lamp characteristics, can be converted a good match. Scaffold material is the key influence on the performance of the LED lamp, high purity copper and silver plating process with good support, air cooling aluminum sheet, thermoelectric separation technology, not only do you see this, shell scaffold appearance, performance may vary greatly. Good material plus design, you can not use the design of cooling fan. Just one of the auxiliary cooling fan function, can not rely entirely on the cooling fan, in the long time operation, high temperature fan dust, cleaning is not timely, it is easy to turn the death card, good LED front headlights in the design, the cooling fan only as a redundant design, so, if removed your fan, LED headlamps quickly burn out, it is not a good product, at least not a high performance LED front headlights.

LED automobile headlamp headlight lamp chip, but also determines the core performance of LED headlamps, currently on the market with the best should be the United States CREE Corey chip, LED headlight chip, the stability is very important, MT-G2 chip CREE chip should belong to the top, a higher chip unless customized, modification the market price is too high, likely manufacturers is difficult to survive, more popular market in general is COB chip, it is able to do minimum price customer choice, then is the ordinary CREE chip, professional automotive power chip better will use the joint venture factory.

LED car headlights, as the original factory LED headlamps, Universal Limited modified models, it is impossible for a vehicle design, thus the radiating area is far from enough original models, so life is also very difficult to achieve the original models LED lamp life. The use of LED lights in the automotive industry is a big trend. You may not be able to buy halogen light bulbs any day you don't see an incandescent bulb.